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Las Vegas Wedding Information to Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding
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Las Vegas Wedding Information to Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding

Marriage License Info - THE LEGAL DETAILS

Las Vegas Marriage LicenseRequirements:
Whether you decide on the spur of the moment or you’ve been planning for months, getting your marriage license is a snap. All of our wedding packages include the bride and groom’s limousine transportation to the one-and-only place to get a license, the Clark County Marriage License Bureau.

What you’ll need:
Proof of age (passport or driver’s license)

Parental consent if under 18


No blood tests or waiting periods are required. However, divorcees must have a finalized divorce and know the month, year, city, and state of the divorce.

There must be at least one additional witness other than the person performing the ceremony. Graceland Chapel offers this service without charge.

Divorce Requirements
To obtain a marriage license and have a legal marriage, divorces must be final in the state where they were granted. The date of the final decree and city and state where the divorce was granted are required.

International Couples
Those couples who reside outside the U.S. will need to provide some proof of their birthdate, such as a passport or other country-issued I.D., in order to obain a marriage license. There is no other special documentation that will need to be provided. International couples will need to contact officials in their country of origin to find out how to register their marriage at home.

Adults 18 years of age and older need no consent to be married in Nevada. Proof of age will be required through age 21. Persons between the ages of 16 and 17 may marry if:

Consent is given by either a parent in person at the time the license is applied for, or Consent is given through a notarized affidavit signed by either parent. This notarized affidavit of consent must contain the birthdate of the minor, state the relationship of the party giving consent, and be written in English.Persons Under the Age of 16

A person less than 16 years of age may marry only if he or she has the consent of a parent or legal guardian and authorization from a Nevada District Court. The court may authorize the marriage of persons less than 16 years of age in unusual circumstances if the court finds that the marriage will serve the person’s best interests or if the person has the consent required.

Marriage Certificates:
The Clark County Recorder’s Office records the marriage certificate which is proof that a marriage ceremony was performed in Clark County. The marriage official who performs the ceremony has ten days to submit the marriage certificate to the office for recording. Normally a certified copy of the certificate will be available one day after the certificate has been received from the official.

To order a certified copy of a marriage certificate, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Name of groom
  • Maiden name of bride
  • Date of marriage
  • Application/Certificate no. (if known)
  • Return mailing address

The fee is $15.00 per certified copy. You can order your copy through the Internet with a major credit card for $15.00 per copy (the web address is You can also call the office at 702.455.4336 to place your order using a major credit card. Note: the credit card company used through the office charges a $1.55 processing fee for this service. This is in addition to the certificate copy charge. You can also mail in your request and a check or money order (in U. S. dollars through a U.S. bank) payable to:

Clark County Recorder Copies
P.O. Box 551510
Las Vegas, NV 89155

For additional information call 702.455.4336.
Source: Clark County Marriage Bureau

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